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Microsoft Summer Training in Advanced Java (J2EE)

Microsoft Summer Training in Advance Java provoides you the concept and application of J2EE application in meeting the real business requirement. J2EE provide the type of services that are necessary to build large scale, distributed, component based, multi-tier applications. Essentially, J2EE is a collection of APIs that can be used to build such systems, although this is only half of the picture. J2EE is also a standard for building and deploying enterprise applications, held together by the specifications of the APIs that it defines and the services that J2EE provides.

J2EE Technologies

Java Servlets
JavaServer Pages (JSP)
Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications can be run on different platforms supporting the Java 2 platform.
Enterprise applications are portable between application servers supporting the J2EE specification.

Application Area Of Advanced Java(J2EE)

JSP and Struts based web applications are quite popular on various government projects. Many of government, healthcare, insurance, education, defense and several other department have their web application built in Java.

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