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1 Q .What is the Microsoft Technology Associate certification?

The Microsoft Technology Associate certification is an entry-level certification designed to help individuals take the first step toward a career as an IT professional or developer. An MTA certification is based on 70 percent knowledge and 30 percent skills. The next step in the Microsoft certification path is Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS), which requires hands-on experience with the Microsoft technology platform.

2 Q. Is the MTA certification for me ?

At this time, the MTA certification is available to students, faculty, and staff of accredited academic institutions and to Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT’s).If you already have an in-depth understanding of and hands-on experience with Microsoft technologies, you might want to start with a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification or one of our Professional Series tracks, which includes the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certifications. If you are a student, changing careers, just starting your career, or exploring a technology career, earning an MTA certification will help guide your career planning.

3 Q. How does the MTA certification fit into the overall Microsoft Certification Program?

Millions of people worldwide would like to pursue a career in technology,but many lack the foundational knowledge necessary to pursue our Specialist Series (MCTS) or Professional Series (MCITP or MCPD) certifications. The MTA certification creates a new entry point to help people jumpstart their career aspirations.

4 Q. Which technologies are covered in MTA certification exams?

Each MTA certification exam covers a broad technology area, such as web development or network fundamentals.
Software Development Fundamentals
Windows Development Fundamentals
Web Development Fundamentals
Database Fundamentals
Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
Networking Fundamentals
Security Fundamentals
.Net Fundamentals
Windows OS Fundamentals
Mobile Development Fundamentals
Gaming Development Fundamentals
HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

5 Q. What do I get when I earn an MTA certification?

Earning an MTA certification can help you stand out when you are applying to colleges or for internships. This certification helps prove your knowledge of fundamental technology concepts. Having a validated certification from Microsoft can help you launch a successful career.

Earning an MTA certification can be the first step toward becoming a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). When you earn an MTA certification, you become a member of our Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) community. You get access to members-only benefits, such as special offers, a transcript tool, and private newsgroups where you can network, find peer support, and share your accomplishments with millions of MCPs worldwide.

6 Q. Will MTA certifications expire?

No, MTA certifications do not expire.

7 Q. What is the next step after earning my MTA certification?

After you pass your MTA certification exam, highlight the certification on your college and internship applications to set you apart from your peers. Also, consider becoming a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). You have already validated your fundamental technology knowledge—now it’s time to show the world that you are an expert

8 Q. How many questions are on each exam?

MTA certification exams typically contain 30 to 50 questions.

9 Q. How long do have to complete the exam?

You have 50 minutes to complete your MTA certification exam. If an exam is not available in your native language and you must take it in English, you can request an additional 50 minutes to complete it. You must make this arrangement with your proctor before the exam appointment.

10 Q. Can I take an MTA certification exam at a Prometric testing centre?

No, MTA certification exams are only available at Microsoft testing centres.

11 Q. When will I receive the results of my exam?

You can find out your score and exam results immediately after taking the exam.

12 Q. How do I get my MTA certificate after passing an exam?

You can download or purchase a paper copy of your certificate by going to the Microsoft Certified Professional website. You will need your Windows Live ID that has been associated with your Microsoft Certified ID in order to access this site. Download your certificate at http://www.mcp.microsoft.com/

13 Q. How do associate my Microsoft Certified ID with my Windows Live ID?

Within a week after passing your first Microsoft Certification exam, you will receive an email message with your Microsoft Certified ID and detailed instructions on how to associate this with your Windows Live ID. You will need to make this association before accessing the Microsoft Certified Professional website.

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