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MTA-INDIA Winter Internship 2018-19

Winter internships are the perfect way to explore the path of success for future. This internship also provides opportunity to students to explore their potential career options. Students can get a professional job experience during this program. Some students do their internships during winter rather than choosing the full time internship programs. Within this short span of time, they learn how to deal with professional needs. They get a real insight of corporate as well as technical world by handling live projects. Microsoft Winter Internship provides such an opportunity to the students to get aware about the professional world entity for future reference. Students can get ultimate opportunities to get involved in some multinational company projects. Their career and personality development is also a mission of this internship program.

Winter Internships are specially designed to develop student’s inter-personal skills as well as their technical skills towards a specific job or career. If you are choosing best summer internship program, you can expand your technical knowledge into a vast field apart from your classroom learning. It is the perfect place to implement your technical education in real time software development. The hands-on real time experience that you gain during the internship programs help you to empower your potential skills for future reference.

MTA-INDIA is offering Winter Internship-2018 in Noida, Lucknow, Dehradun and Kolkata for B.E, B.Tech, MCA and BSc Students. MTA India offers final semester project trainings for different IT students which help you to keep in touch with industrial and professional experts. Register here to get your perfect summer internship to grab your international certificates which will be your ticket to multi-national companies in India as well as abroad.

Areas of Winter Internship:

MTA-INDIA is providing Winter Internship on the following technologies with live project involvements. These are:


C++: C++ programming language is completely based on object oriented programming (OOP) concept. This programming language is being used in different large scale industries. This programming language is also known as the superset language of C programming language.


Core Java : Knowledge of core JAVA is much required during real time software development. JAVA programming language is much safe and secure than other language. It’s user friendly and portable.

Advance Java [J2EE] : Advanced JAVA is the advanced version of core JAVA in which you can learn one more step forward towards the technology.


Android : Android Application development is the king of mobile application development scenario. If you want to build your career in Android field, MTA India is the one stop solution.


.Net: .Net training program helps you to keep your hands-on experience on different .Net technologies.


PHP: This Server site scripting language is used to develop different websites and application as per the professional needs. Register Now