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MTA india is providing quality IT training for the better career of students . Like the previous year,MTA Online Summer Training Internship Program by MTA India is designed to excel the technical knowledge among IT students from different parts of the country. The main mission of this training program is to polish the IT explores and turn them into the IT filed diamonds. Those diamonds are worth to invest in different MNCs. Our experts can make any Tom, Dick and Harry an IT expert. But they have to work hard. As a reward, then can avail International certificate which can be helpful in joining at their desired corporate organization. Registration open for Summer Training Internship .

Summer Training 2021

Winter Training Prgram

Winter Training Program contains a lot of fun, entertainment and a perfect platform to give wings to the dreams of It masters. MTA India is providing Winter Training Program which can help students to build their dream careers in their desired selected courses. One can be the master of web applications while the other can be the master..Read More

Summer Training 2021

Summer Training Internship 2021

MTA Summer Training Internship is a key program for technical students through which they can get acquaint with real world software development. Students will get to know about the professional needs and business aspects throughout this whole training program.Looking to upgrade and promote your technical skills.Join Our Summer Training
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MTA Online Training

MTA Online Live Training

MTA has introduced Online Live Training Program for those students who can easily avail the training program anywhere in India. After several requests of thousands of students in each and every corner of India, we decided to launch such kind of training program which can help millions of IT students.

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About Us

MTAIndia was formed in 2011. Diversified & focused on computer education and consulting for technologies on various platforms, we specialize in computer information technology development and management trainings to match the wide spectrum of IT applications across globe. MTA-INDIA has a staff with experience of more than 10 years in the field of IT which provides the customer satisfactory results.
We at MTA India believe in blending experience and professionalism with a craving for innovation and zeal to achieve goals, which forms the backbone of MTA-INDIA, a company that is a true solution provider. We - The IT Professionals of the Fourth Generation belongs to the field of Internet and Intranet Engineering, Networking Environment, System Administration, Customized Software Development & Custom Hardware Development. Our Commitment to provide the consulting and training has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves in the fiercely competitive arena of .. read more


Microsoft Summer Training Program


We are heighly experienced & professionals to implement your work very well. It makes trust to our client. Your passion and our value, It will make a great result.

Microsoft Summer Training

Team Strength

MTA INDIA's effective and productive teams meet your goals and achieve meaningful outcomes by capitalizing on the diverse talents of their members.

MTA Summer Training


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Summer Training Program


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Summer Training Creativity for CSE Students


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Summer Training


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Our Vision and Mission

Summer Internship Program

"We are a customer driven company and associated with MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATE for MTA CERTIFICATION , dedicated to Innovation and Quality training and solution to our Customers in the area of Information Technology."