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Are you Looking Best Institute for Angular Training Course in Noida? MTA INDIA offers Angular Training classes in Noida with vital tasks by professional trainers in Noida Sector 63. Our Angular training program in Noida is designed explicitly for Students, UG, Graduates, Professionals, and Freelancers. MTA INDIA provides end to end learning on Angular Domain with deeper dives for making a winning career for every profile.

Angular is an open-source framework created and maintained by developers. It is utilized by developers to develop net applications. Angular Training Courses in Delhi NCR grant not only the tools which are required but also design patterns to build a project in a conceivable way. When an Angular application is designed properly, you don’t end up with twisted classes and methods that are strong to modify and even stronger to test. The code is organized conveniently and you will not need to spend much time in order to understand what is going on. And there are many more things that Angular can offer us! If you will opt for Best IT & Technical Training in Angular.

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Angular is constructed with Typescript, which in turn relies on JS ES6. You do not need to learn a totally new language, but you still will learn features like static typing, interfaces, classes, namespaces, decorators, etc. Angular Training is meant to be thoroughly tested and also supports both unit and end-to-end testing with tools like Jasmine and Protractor. Angular is a mobile and desktop-ready tool, meaning we have one framework for multiple platforms for both mobile & desktop. Angular is earnestly maintained and has a very big community and ecosystem. You will be learning lots of materials on this framework as well as many useful third-party tools by enrolling yourself in our Best Angular Course. With Best Angular Institute, you already have lots of tools to start creating the application right away. You have directives to give HTML elements a type of dynamic behavior. You can start up the forms using Form Control and can introduce various validation rules which will be required. You will be able to easily send asynchronous HTTP requests of various types and you will be able to set up routing with little problem. If you want to get Angular Training in Noida than Ducat which is Best IT Training Institute will provide you real-time training in IT courses. Because we have real-time working trainers who have more experience in this particular field and are more qualified in their field.

MTA INDIA is one of the Best Angular Training Institute we have in India. We have branches across major Indian cities. We also offer 100 % placement assistance to our students at every stage of their life. The institute has maintained its brand value and name from the past. It Offers Best Angular Training course in Noida.


Angular is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–view model (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications.


Course Curriculum:

  1. Course Objectives
  1. Basic JavaScript
  2. DOM and BOM
  3. Intervals and Objects
  4. Prototype ,Hoisting and Closure
  5. Let , Const , Arrow , Class and Inheritance
  6. Map, Filter , Reduce , Template Literals
  7. ForEach, for-in, for-of loop.
  1. Why Typescript
  2. Basic Types
  3. Class and Interfaces
  4. Modules
  1. Real-time environmental setup
  1. What is Angular
  2. What is SPA
  3. Comparison between different versions
  4. Advantages and Disadvantages
  5. Key features
  1. Node /NPM
  2. Angular CLI
  3. Setup Project
  4. Directory Structure
  5. Code Editors
  6. How Angular Application Boot
  1. What is Module
  2. Decorator
  3. NgModule
  4. Core Module
  5. Bootstrapping
  6. Shared Modules
  1. Introduction to Components
  2. Component Architecture Patterns
  3. Metadata
  4. State and Behaviors
  1. Template Expression or Interpolation Data Binding (Event ,Property , Two Way)
  2. *ngIf , *ngFor , *ngSwicth
  3. Built-in Structural and Attributes Directive
  1. Built-in Pipes
  2. Custom Pipes
  1. Routes , RouterModule , routerLink Child Routing
  2. Params
  3. Guards
  1. Structured Directives
  2. Attribute Directives
  1. Template Driven
  2. Reactive Form
  3. Custom Validators
  1. Observable vs Promise
  2. Network Call
  3. HTTP Request | Response
  1. Introduction to Services
  2. Building a Service
  3. Dependency Injections
  4. Injectors and Providers
  1. Component LifeCycle
  2. All LifeCycle Hooks
  1. Local Storage
  2. Session Storage
  3. Cookies
  1. Input()
  2. Viewchid()
  3. Shared Service
  4. Subject
  1. Introduction to Server-Side Rendering
  2. Angular Universal
  1. Introduction to Testing
  2. Unit Testing with Karma and Jasmine

  1. Angular Material
  2. PrimeNG
  1. Social Login
  2. Pagination
  3. Search
  4. Filter
  5. JWT Token
  6. File Upload
  7. Many More
  1. Build Application
  2. Deploy in Heroku

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