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Blockchain Certification Course

MTA India is introducing the on-demand course Blockchain Technology course. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we think about and use digital transactions. It is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium, etc. but has many other potential uses as well. In this course, you will learn the basics of blockchain technology, including how it works, its key features, and its potential use cases. You will also learn about the different types of blockchain networks, such as public and private blockchains, and how they can be used in different industries.
You will gain hands-on experience working with blockchain technology through practical exercises and projects. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of blockchain technology and its potential to transform industries during this 6 months training program.
Whether you are a business professional looking to understand how blockchain can benefit your company, a developer looking to build blockchain-based applications, or just someone curious about this cutting-edge technology, this course is for you.

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Why Join MTA India for Blockchain Certification Program?

If you are looking for the best blockchain certification program, here you are at right place. MTA India is introducing this certification program by keeping the trending technologies in consideration. This technology will become the next revolution of digital transaction. So why not get trained today? If you are still confused why choose MTA India for this program, please have a look at the key highlights below:

  1. Get trained from expert professionals
  2. Attend the master classes from IIT Delhi faculties
  3. Get certified from MTA India
  4. Get access to the exclusive study materials on Blockchain Technology
  5. Get a chance to work on live projects
  6. Be a master in Blockchain Technology in 6 months
  7. 100% placement assistance

Course Curriculum:

  1. Challenges Faced by Modern Businesses
  2. What is Blockchain?
  3. Building Blocks of Blockchain
  4. Types of Blockchain
  5. Knowledge Check
  1. Introduction to Blockchain Pillars Cryptography
  2. Consensus
  3. Distributed Ledger
  4. Assisted Practice: Send a Message Using Symmetric Cryptography
  5. Assisted Practice: Sign a Message Using Asymmetric Cryptography
  6. Assisted Practice: Generate Hash Using Hash function
  7. Assisted Practice: Generate a Nonce Value
  8. Assisted Practice: Working on Distributed Ledger
  9. Assisted Practice: Working on Blockchain Transaction
  10. Knowledge Check
  11. LEP 1: Create Blockchain Network
  1. Introduction to Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Wallets
  3. Bitcoin Block
  4. Bitcoin Transaction/
  5. Bitcoin Scripts
  6. Bitcoin Attacks
  7. Bitcoin Network
  8. Bitcoin Mining
  9. Assisted practice: Install a Software Wallet (combine software and web wallet)
  10. Assisted practice: Generate a Paper Wallet
  11. Assisted practice: Generate a Web Wallet
  12. Assisted Practice: Review and Analyze a Bitcoin Block on Explorer
  13. Assisted Practice: Analyze a Bitcoin Transaction
  14. Knowledge Check
  15. LEP 2: Conduct a Transaction Using Electrum Wallet
  1. Introduction to Ethereum
  2. Swarm and whisper
  3. Remix IDE
  4. Truffle Framework
  5. Ethereum Networks
  6. Ethereum Wallets
  7. Ethereum Clients
  8. Web3.js
  9. NFT
  10. Assisted Practice: Exploring the Ethereum Mainnet
  11. Assisted Practice: Explore an Ethereum Test Network
  12. Assisted Practice: Install the Ganache Blockchain
  13. Assisted Practice: Explore the Ganache Blockchain
  14. Assisted Practice: Install Metamask and Set up the Wallet
  15. Assisted Practice: Connect Metamask to a Ganache Test Network
  16. Assisted Practice: Install Geth Client
  17. Assisted Practice: Set up a Private Blockchain node Network using geth
  18. LEP 3: Ether Transaction Using Metamask
  1. Enterprise Blockchain
  2. Hyperledger
  3. Hyperledger Sawtooth
  4. Hyperledger Iroha
  5. Hyperledger Indy
  6. Hyperledger Burrows
  7. Hyperledger Fabric
  8. Hyperledger Fabric Transaction
  9. Fabric Network
  10. Fabric Network Types
  11. Fabric Explorer
  12. Node Js
  13. R3 Corda
  14. Corda Network
  15. Assisted Practise: Setup Hyperledger Fabric Prerequisite
  16. Assisted Practise: Setup Hyperledger Fabric Assisted Practise: Start and stop test network
  17. Assisted Practice: Explorer
  18. Assisted Practice: Create Node Js Application
  19. Assisted Practice: Create a Web Application using the Expressjs file approach
  20. Assisted Practice: Create Web Application using Expressjs Node Project Approach
  21. Knowledge Check
  22. LEP 4: Transform the Supply Chain
  1. Smart Contract Lifecycle
  2. Solidity
  3. Solidity Variables Solidity Compilation and Deployment
  4. Solidity Functions
  5. Truffle Security Consideration
  6. Web3
  7. Assisted Practice: Generate the ABI and Bytecode of a Smart Contract
  8. Assisted Practice: Deploy a Smart Contract to Ganache Network
  9. Assisted Practice: Develop a Smart contract that stores ethers and transfers to a personal account
  10. Assisted Practice: Price Event Smart Contract
  11. Assisted Practice: Develop a Property Transfer Smart Contract using Remix IDE
  12. Assisted Practice: Create a Custom Token and Deploy it on Ropsten Network
  13. Assisted Practice: Truffle Setup and create a project
  14. Assisted Practice: Truffle Create MarketPlace contract
  15. Assisted Practice: Compile MarketPlace contract
  16. Assisted Practice: Deploy MarketPlace contract
  17. Assisted Practice: Access Smart Contracts Functions from the Frontend
  18. Knowledge Check
  19. LEP 1: Creating a Custom Bank Contract
  1. Chaincode
  2. Gradle
  3. Chaincode Java API
  4. Chaincode Development
  5. Chaincode Package, Install, Approve
  6. Assisted Practice: Set up Development Prerequisites
  7. Assisted Practice: Create New Gradle Project for Car Showroom Assisted Practice: Create Chaincode for Car Showroom Assisted Practice: Package the Chaincode
  8. Assisted Practice: Install the Chancode
  9. Assisted Practice: Approve the Chancode
  10. Assisted Practice: Commit the Chancode
  11. Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions
  12. Assisted Practice: Chaincode Lifecycle steps from a shell file
  13. Knowledge Check
  14. LEP 2: Develop Chaincode for Property Ownership Application
  1. Fabric SDK Introduction
  2. Node SDK
  3. Assisted practice: Enroll Admin User
  4. Assisted Practice: Register and Enroll Client User
  5. Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions
  6. Assisted Practice: Create Node Project and add dependencies
  7. Assisted Practice: Enroll admin user to the network
  8. Assisted Practice: Enroll register and enroll client users to the network
  9. Assisted Practice: Access Chaincode Functions using Rest API
  10. Knowledge Check
  11. LEP 3: Access Property Ownership Chaincode using Java SDK
  1. Introduction to Multichain
  2. Multichain Installation
  3. Create a Multichain Instance
  4. Multichain Assets
  5. Multichain Streams
  6. Multichain Consensus
  7. Multichain API
  8. Assisted Practice: Set up Multichain in the Local Machine
  9. Assisted Practice: Create Multichain Instance with Two Nodes
  10. Assisted Practice: Create a Multichain Asset and Transfer It
  11. Assisted Practice: Create a Multichain Stream to Publish Data
  12. Assisted Practice: Perform Mining in Multichain
  13. Assisted Practice: Access Functions Using Multichain API
  14. Knowledge Check
  15. LEP 4: Create a Private Multichain Blockchain
  1. Introduction to IOTA
  2. Traditional Blockchain Challenges
  3. Healthcare Use Cases
  4. Government Use Cases
  5. Finance Use Cases
  6. Supply Chain Use Cases
  7. Knowledge Check

Training Features:

  1. Course Duration : 4 to 6 Months of Online & Classroom Training
  2. Live & classroom Session (With recorded video Learning) by Certified Industry experts .
  3. Certification Course
  4. Work on real-life course-end Technical project
  5. Participants will get certified from MTA India
  6. Tips from coding giants to be the coding expert
  7. Flexible live classes session
  8. Instructor-Led Live Online Classes
  9. 100% placement guarantee
  10. 2+ Projects, 10+ Case Studies
  11. High-quality lab environment
  12. 24x7 Subject Matter Expert Support for Student's Technical Doubts
  13. Real time scenarios implementation

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