How 5G Network Launch Will Affect The Developers in India

How 5G Network Launch Will Affect The Developers in India

From the stone age to 4G era, India has achieved uncountable achievements. Today, India has become one of the most successful and developed country in technology sector. Starting from robotics to space missions, the gems of India have made the nation proud in world’s history. The recent launch of 5G in India will create a new revolution in technology era. How it will affect the technology? How developers will be linked with this new revolution? Let’s find out.

What is 5G?

After four generations of cellular network, the fifth generation, 5G, has introduced in the world of cellular networks. It will be the next big thing for so many cellular companies. It has the ability to connect more and more devices at one go with bigger channels and low latency. Unlike the other networks, 5G will be used in radio, telecom core and in an operating system. It can be implemented in three normal band waves, such as: low-band, mid-band, and high-band mm (millimetre) waves. Its frequency will be ranging from 24 GHz to 100 GHz.

How 5G is different from 4G?

Just before 5G, 4G was dominating. The fifth generation network (5G) is much faster than 4G network. Now it will change the landscape of mobile networks. Compare with 4G network, 5G has low latency (as low as 1ms) which will help in transforming all around the globe. The connectivity will seem easier and faster than 4G. 5G adopts the coding schemes and modulations, which will decrease the error rate as well. In addition, more services will be cloud-based while increasing the demand of data processing and storage.

How 5G Launch Will Affect The Developers?

With the launch of 5G technology in India, IoT (Internet of Things) will be the winner. As the whole system is going to be cloud-based, the supply chain, tracking individual items from the warehouse, driverless traffic systems, etc, can be automated. Now, drones can be controlled remotely with the help of this new network.

With the help of 5G, now the virtual realties will be in your pocket. Mobile developers will developer applications with various new features just like the AI and virtual realties to make it worth. It will help in both education, training and corporate sectors as well. Now the digital classrooms, high-quality video conferences will become faster and secure.

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