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If you are willing to become an intern at famous brands like Microsoft, Google or Amazon, then you really have to work hard. While preparing, always keep in mind that what they are looking for you and what you are expecting from them as an intern. While talking about Microsoft, Google or Amazon, interviews for internships are conducted on the basis of a two-way street. Well, I am going to discuss the preparing plans for to become an intern at Microsoft.

Here, you will be going to ask questions based on your technical background, ambiguous situational based questions, process thinking questions and last but not the least project based questions.

Thus, if you are willing to see yourself as an intern at Microsoft and specifically in IT roles, then you must possess a good command over your coding prospects. Thoroughly brush up your basic in relation to object-oriented languages, as interviewers would like to ask questions related to linked lists, arrays, pointers, loops, and constructor, etc. Don’t get panic, at the time of interview. Generally, most of the questions asked in the interviews are to check and analysis your command over basic concepts. And if you don’t understand a question, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to clarify. The recruitment procedure at Microsoft is much time taking and simultaneously possesses cutting edge competitions coming from various countries of the world.

Before choosing any organization for your internship, it’s mandatory to decide why you are going to choose that particular firm. On the basis of a survey conducted, according to most of the graduates, the only reason to choose such brand for an internship is a reception on internationally accepted “Microsoft Certification”. If certification is your only need then why to wait for such a long time to become part of internship module. Register yourself at Microsoft Winter Internship 2021 module offered by MTA India in order to attach “Microsoft Certified Professional” within your resume. MTA India in collaboration with Microsoft is bestowing “Microsoft Certification” to its entire interns after successful completion of their internship program.

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