Project Based PHP with MySQL Training Institute In Noida

Microsoft Summer Training in PHP with MYSQL

Get trained from PHP Experts via Microsoft Summer Training in PHP with MYSQL. PHP is a scripting language designed to fill the gap between SSI (Server Side Includes) and Perl, intended for the Web environment. Its principal application is the implementation of Web pages having dynamic content.
PHP allows a static webpage to become dynamic. "PHP" is an acronym that stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". The word "Preprocessor" means that PHP makes changes before the HTML page is created. This enables developers to create powerful applications that can publish a blog, remotely control hardware, or run a powerful website such as Facebook

Significant Language Features

Standard CGI, FastCGI and Apache module support HTTP-based authentication control Extended Regular Expressions This language contains access monitoring capability to create logs as the summary of recent accesses. PHP provides cross platform compatibility, unlike some other server side scripting language.

Application area of PHP

PHP is widely used and most popular scripting language, most of the online companies are hiring PHP professionals to design attractive websites in order to impress the customers. It is used by companies for creating advanced e-commerce, database, and business websites.Like Facebook