MTA india is providing 4 to 6 months Industrial Training Program for all IT students as usual. The main mission of this training program is to help students in integration of their academic knowledge into real time corporate requirement. In addition, students or trainees will get a change to interact with live projects and real time business requirement. This industrial training program is completely certified and it is itself a certification course. After completion of this training program, students can apply in various MNCs by the help its international certificates.

Industrial Training Program by MTA INdia :

MTA-INDIA is providing quality software and IT training to thousands of students in different corner of India. By the help of six months Industrial Training program , this IT institute has a mission to build a perfect and responsible IT network in India. This network will not contain any sort of wire or plugs. It will contain qualified and experienced software developers. By the help of expert professionals and our trainers, students can easily complete the whole six month syllabus at ease. Some of the salient features of Six Month Industrial Training program by MTA-INDIA are:

  • Training will be provided by Expert professionals from top mnc companies
  • Six Month of syllabus will be enough to cover all topics of any selected course(s)
  • Small Team size to increase one-to-one doubt clear chance
  • Regular Practical along with theory classes
  • Advanced practical lab along with projector
  • WiFi connectivity for interaction with different colleges for the same course
  • Students can avail online 6 Months Industrial Training Internship

Benefits of Six Months Industrial Training Internship :

Availing Six Months Industrial Training Program by MTA-INDIA will not only provide training certificates, but also, it can help students to get placed in their desired corporate world via campus training program. Students can also avail the following benefits as well.

  • Students will get core knowledge of the course by the help of numerous practice and practical classes
  • This Industrial Training Internship can boost their curriculum vitae.
  • After successful completion of Industrial Training program, trainees will get international certificates from Microsoft.
  • Students can apply at any IT company by the help of Microsoft International Certificate
  • Chance to work on live projects of any client to feel the corporate world activities and requirement