MTA Winter Training in Hyderabad

Since 7 years, MTA India is providing quality IT training for the better career and future of students. Like the previous year, Microsoft Winter Training 2019-20 by MTA India is designed to excel the technical knowledge among IT students from different parts of the country. The main mission of this training program is to polish the IT explores & turn them into the IT filed diamonds. Those diamonds are worth to invest in different MNCs. Our experienced trainers can transform an average student into an IT expert. But they have to work hard to achieve their goals. As a reward, they can avail International certificate which can be helpful in joining at their desired corporate organization. Registrations open for Microsoft Winter Training in Hyderabad.
MTA Winter Training in Hyderabad contains a lot of fun, entertainment and a perfect platform to give wings to the dreams of IT masters. MTA India is providing Winter Training Program 2019-2020 which can help students to build their dream careers in their desired selected courses.
MTA Winter Training in Hyderabad is completely helpful for engineering students who wants to see themselves ahead in this competitive world. Since 7 years, MTA India is providing quality and result driven Microsoft Winter Training program at each and every corner of India. The main idea of this training program was to train the deserved engineering/technical candidate latest core technologies and make them prepare for their main mission in life, to become and expert and get hired by top MNCs in India. MTA India is really thankful to all its trainees and students to be with us since so long time. This bond between trainee and trainer make this winter training program 2019-2020 more successful.
MTA India is providing certified MTA Winter Training program since past 7 years. This Microsoft Certification course leads to build the self confidence among students and training them to get acquaint with real time business environment.
Choosing MTA India for MTA Winter Training in Hyderabad is probably the best decision for any student life. The main reasons for choosing this training institute are:

Benefits of MTA Winter Training Program:

MTA Winter Training Hyderabad ( Dec-Jan ) Batch

S.No. Course Name Fees* (INR) Course Duration Start On Venue
1 Advance Java(J2EE) 7500* 50 hrs

to be announced

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Direction Map
2 Android 7500* 50 hrs
3 Big Data-Hadoop 9990* 50 hrs
4 Cloud Computing 7500* 50 hrs
5 Core Java 5250* 50 hrs
6 Full Stack Developer(Dot Net) 7500* 50 hrs
7 Internet of Things(IOT) 9990* 50 hrs
8 Machine Learning using Python 9990* 50 hrs
9 Networking Essentials 6900* 50 hrs
10 Php/MySql with Wordpress 6900* 50 hrs
11 Python 7500* 50 hrs
  * Inclusive GST (18%) in Course Fees
  * Free Microsoft International Certificate .
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“We are a customer driven company and associated with “MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATE” for MTA CERTIFICATION , dedicated to Innovation and Quality training and solution to our Customers in the area of Information Technology.”