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MTA India winter trainings offer a wonderful possibility that allows you to make use of your winter break in the right way. MTA winter training in Jaipur is designed in such a way that it makes learning with the aid of constructing initiatives. You will develop great hands on learning and building several projects as part of MTA Winter Training Program.
MTA India helps schools teach and validate fundamental technology knowledge, providing students with a foundation for their careers and the confidence to succeed with more advanced studies. Designed to empower educators and motivate students, MTA Winter Training in Jaipur can assist your institution Stan out with an innovative technology curriculum while offering students an opportunity to earn a MTA certification right in the classroom. MTA India is a stepping-stone to Microsoft.
MTA winter training in Jaipur is a project integrated program where students are not just provided with technical knowledge but are also trained with the skills to work on live projects. They are trained for their future in a very professional manner. These short development programs are a bonus for students to develop their technical skills. The training includes 65% practical assessment work on selected technology including lecture delivery. The training assists students to meet industry standards.
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MTA Winter Training Jaipur ( Dec-Jan ) Batch

S.No. Course Name Fees* (INR) Course Duration Start On Venue
1 Advance Java(J2EE) 6990* 50 hrs

to be announced

to be announced

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Direction Map
2 Android 6990* 50 hrs
3 Big Data-Hadoop 9990* 50 hrs
4 Cloud Computing 6990* 50 hrs
5 Core Java 4990* 50 hrs
6 Full Stack Developer(Dot Net) 6990* 50 hrs
7 Internet of Things(IOT) 9990* 50 hrs
8 Machine Learning using Python 9990* 50 hrs
9 Networking Essentials 6990* 50 hrs
10 Php/MySql with Wordpress 6990* 50 hrs
11 Python 6990* 50 hrs
  * Inclusive GST (18%) in Course Fees
  * Free Microsoft International Certificate .
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